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A civil society initiative promoting and tracking progress of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Together 2030 is a civil society initiative that promotes national implementation and track progress of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We aim to generate knowledge and project voices from different civil society and stakeholders around the world on the challenges and opportunities for the 2030 Agenda. We bring together actors to discuss the way to formulate and implement roadmaps at national level and hold governments to account at all levels.

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About us

The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015 and the commitment from all governments towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) create a unique opportunity to transform the world by 2030.

 A group of organisations have joined forces in order to advance this work and push for the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030 at all levels.

 We believe that a participatory process has to be developed, experienced and monitored at sub-national, local and national level as well as at the regional and global level.

 We aim to create this process by:

  • Raising awareness, strengthen capacities and mobilize resources
  • Convene multi-stakeholder platforms
  • Creating Communities of Practice around technicalities of implementation
  • Creating a knowledge platform
  • Tracking and reporting on positions, priorities and concrete actions
  • Facilitating, supporting and promoting global, regional and national advocacy actions
  • Promoting a supportive global architecture for implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030

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  • The Secretariat

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    Naiara Costa

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  • Members of the Initiative

    As of October 12 2016, 450 organizations have joined Together 2030 from 87 countries. 71% of those are based in developing countries and 29% in developed countries or are global organizations. Together 2030 Public List of Members - as of October 2016

    NEW! Together 2030 Principles Document - This document highlights the principles that should be upheld by governments and stakeholders during the implementation and follow up of 2030 Agenda and the principles to be upheld within Together 2030 in the promotion of its joint work.

How to join

The Together 2030 initiative is open to civil society, non-governmental, non-profit stakeholders around the world. It is entirely voluntary, informal and based on need; it is action oriented and members will be asked about their contributions to joint work. We will aim to build fluid governance structures that meet the needs of this developing initiative; these will be open and transparent, based on the needs identified by members and the requirements of our objectives.

 Members are asked to support the key goals of Together 2030:

  • To strengthen partnerships between civil society and stakeholders to support the effective implementation of Agenda 2030 and the SDGs.
  • To make the voices of people heard and have people holding governments accountable for the progress towards achieving Agenda 2030 and the SDGs at all levels.

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Check below for information about the Together 2030 activities, including webinars, Task Forces and Working Groups of Together 2030.

[NEW!] Letter from Together 2030 to H. E. Antonio Guterres, new UN Secretary-General Elected

2016 High Level Political Forum Reportcapture-hlpf-report-english


Experiences from national voices: civil society engagement on national reviews of the 2030 Agenda


Together 2030 - Essential Elements for an ambitious, inclusive and participatory follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda

Snipping Tool - Essential Elements PaperCheck the position paper drafted by the Together 2030 Global Advocacy Working Group focusing on essential elements for an ambitions, inclusive and participatory follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda. A “robust, voluntary, effective, participatory, transparent and integrated follow-up and review framework” (para 72, 2030 Agenda) will make a vital contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Four elements must be addressed at national, regional and global levels: 1) Participation and Inclusion; 2) Policy Coherence, Integration and Interlinkages; 3) Clear processes and mechanisms of reporting and review 4) Support for Implementation of these processes.

Report: Together 2030 Perception Survey - National Reviews: Is civil society already being left behind?

snipping tool perceptions surveyReport of Together 2030 Perceptions Survey now available! In 2016, the first round of volunteer countries will present their national reviews on the implementation of Agenda 2030 during the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in July, in New York. Together 2030 undertook a “perceptions survey” with civil society organisations, in volunteer countries and beyond, to get a sense about how information is being shared with those actors; if they were aware of the engagement of their governments at the national review process and if spaces have been created for their engagement and participation. The perceptions survey was based on a limited number of questions; issued in English, Spanish and French and was shared broadly with civil society mailing lists from March 21 to April 11 2016. A total of 265 responses were received: 186 to the English questionnaire; 45 in Spanish and 34 in French. The report of the survey is now available here. Some key findings include:
  • Language matters: language is a factor when considering access to information and opportunities of participation. In almost all questions, those replying to the English questionnaire showed more awareness about several aspects of the national process than those replying to the Spanish or French questionnaires.
  • Awareness about the 2030 Agenda and related processes does not translate in awareness about national plans: On average, respondents showed a good level of awareness about the 2030 Agenda and in certain questionnaires about implementation plans in their countries. The survey also shows the lack of knowledge about implementation plans – for instance 44% of those replying to the Spanish and French surveys in volunteer countries are unaware of the implementation plans in their countries. 91% of those replying in Spanish, 86% in French and 60% in English in volunteer countries were unaware about the process to be used by their countries to prepare the national reviews.
  • Willingness to engage: Civil society and other stakeholders are willing and ready to engage and also have proposals on which ways they want to contribute.
  • Desire to coordinate: Respondents tended to favor participation in national reviews that were held either via online or face-to-face consultations and also flagged their desire to engage on “coordinated approaches by groups or coalitions”.
  • From information to influence: Responses showed that the knowledge about how to engage or how to influence the implementation and follow up at the national level is still a matter of concern for civil society and stakeholders. This was mainly captured by comments added at end of the questionnaire where respondents expressed their understanding and knowledge of the Agenda but also highlighted the lack of knowledge about how to engage or influence their governments for national implementation.
Together 2030 is grateful to all those that participated on the survey and expects the outcomes to be considered by governments from volunteer countries to strengthen the participation and engagement of civil society and stakeholders in national review process, as part of the commitments expressed at the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

High Level Political Forum (HLPF)


  1. Introductory Webinars

The “introductory webinars” are an opportunity to share and discuss the ideas, structures and plans related to Together 2030 with its members as well as to discuss action proposals and agree on next steps for the initiative. The webinars focus on sharing information and activities proposals as well as to hear from members on their views and recommendations for Together 2030

2.  Implementation Series

The “Implementation Series” webinars provide members of Together 2030 with an opportunity to discuss technical and political aspects related to the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030 at global, regional and national levels. The Webinars aim at bringing voices from different levels and sectors to share their experiences/concerns/recommendations around the implementation of Agenda 2030. The webinars will focus on concrete issues related to implementation of Agenda 2030 and action recommendations.
  • May 17 - 4th Implementation Series Webinar -  The role of Parliamentarians in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Webinar organized in partnership with the African CSO Working Group, the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC). 67 participants from all over the world connected to this webinar.
  • Speakers included: Honorable Nancy Lungahi Abisai, Kenyan Parliament; Lord Jack McConnell, Member UK House of Lords (UK Parliament) and Mr. Alessandro Motter, Senior Advisor, Economic and Social Affairs, Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), NY;
  • Recording of the 4th Implementation Series Webinar.
  • Closed captioning of 4th Implementation Series Webinar

April 5 - 3rd Implementation Series webinar - Next Steps on follow up and review mechanisms for the 2030 Agenda (in partnership with the TAP Network)

Working Groups/Task Forces:

Working groups and Task Forces as open to all members of the Together 2030 initiative. See below how to join each of the operating structures:
  1. Together 2030 GLOBAL ADVOCACY Working Group

This Working Group will be responsible for coordinating and leading Together 2030 engagement on global processes related to the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030. It will be responsible, among other issues:
  • To gather and share information with the Initiative about global processes related to the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030,
  • For keeping the Initiative informed about main opportunities for advancing Together 2030 priorities at the global level,
  • To promote and deliver concrete actions on behalf of Together 2030 at the global level.
Join this Group if you are interest in working together on issues such as the HLPF, UN GA, global indicators and other global spaces. This will be a long term structure of Together 2030. Join this working group here.

2. Together 2030 Regional and National Structures Task Force

This Task Force was responsible for promoting discussions and presenting recommendations on how Together 2030 should establish its regional and national structures. The Task Force has finalized a set of "Recommendations for National and Regional Structures - Together 2030 - March 2016" . Those recommendations will now be considered by the Core Group for action. The mailing list is being kept for information sharing and potential follow up consultations. Join this Task Force here.

3. Together 2030 PRINCIPLES POSITION Task Force [CLOSED]

This Task Force was responsible for drafting the first document of principles for Together 2030. This document  encompass the main values for the joint work as well as for Together 2030 in its efforts towards the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030. This was a short-term Task Force. It was disbanded after the principles document was finalized.  


Here you can find links to some interesting material about Agenda 2030 and the work of Together 2030 and its members.

Members of the Initiative can contribute materials to this section. Please, contact the Secretariat: Naiara Costa or

Together 2030 Blog

Our blog has been very active in the past month. Members of Together 2030 and partners can share their experiences, views, concerns and recommendations regarding Agenda 2030 implementation and accountability at all levels. The posts published so far (by August 11) include:  
If you are a member of Together 2030 and  want to share your ideas on the implementation of Agenda 2030, Send your blog post (in English, Spanish or French) to Naiara Costa ( Feel free to add images, links, and pictures.